The BBFS programme at TN Tatem. *File photo
The BBFS programme at TN Tatem. *File photo

The Bermuda Brazilian Football School wrapped up another successful HSBC BBFS Football Life Skills Program last week with the second annual HSBS Football Life Skills Cup.

The Cup was held at Dellwood Middle School and featured two teams each from the schools where the program was implemented: Dellwood Middle School Whitney Institute Middle School, TN Tatem Middle School, and Sandys Middle School competing.

Dellwood One came out victorious in the tournament, defeating TN Tatem Two 3-1 and taking home the coveted Annual HSBC Life Skills Cup.

Paul Cann, employee of HSBC Bermuda and former Bermuda International and star player of Dandy Town, presented the closing address to the participating players. He reminded the students to always prepare for a life outside of football and that education is a valuable gateway to achieving lifelong success.

The seven week Football Life Skills Program featured, on top of football training, the following life skills sessions:

•Transitioning from football into the work place  -HSBC

•Money Management - HSBC

•Respect - Human Rights Commission

•National Pride - Bermuda Football Association 

•What the BFA can do for you - Bermuda Football Association 

•Safe Usage of Cell phones - Digicel

•Alcohol awareness - CADA

•Football and Education - BBFS

The BBFS hope to reach their goal of implementing the program in all five public middle schools in Bermuda by next year.