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I thoroughly enjoyed the Agricultural Show last weekend, the exhibits were amazing, the talents displayed were incredible and the creativity just abounded.

Kudos to all those who took home ribbons, but most importantly, appreciation and thanks should go to everyone who participated, even if no ribbons were obtained, the fact that you were a part of a Bermuda custom speaks volumes — and there would not be an annual agricultural exhibition without the participants and of course the organizers, the judges, you all are awesome and need to be commended.

So thank you and I look forward to another spectacular Ag show next year, inshallah. Albeit, the event has gotten very expensive and I empathize with those parents and guardians, I know a few families that could not go because it was unaffordable to them.

I suggested that they pack lunches and have a picnic treat on the grounds, but as one mother said, it would be torture to the children to have them there and they could not partake in the other attractions such as the inflatable jumping equipment, for example the fun castles, pony rides, face painting, slides, melt-down, and the like.

I understood where she was coming from, especially in these economic times when it is so hard to make the children understand that finances are low, low, low.

This is something we as parents must do — give our children the reality check that we must be frugal with our money and enjoy the things that are free, so that we can pay for the necessities of life, like food, shelter and clothing.

It’s a hard but a very necessary teaching. It must be done for them to avoid disappointments and know that they can still have fun without spending money; that they can enjoy the richness of God’s earth for free.

I do though wish it was like the old days, when you went to the Exhibition to see just the exhibits, of course you may have been indulged by being able to buy a bit of cotton candy or popcorn, but the distractions were not so large and varied as they are today.

If I could change anything, I would want a more focused agricultural exhibition, where the children come to appreciate the exhibits of vegetables, horses, arts and crafts and the like and not so much the focus being on the vendors and games.

Such is life and it is what it is, but I like to keep things simple and the Ag show of my childhood was just that, simple and very enjoyable, nobody went away crying because their parents’ couldn’t afford a fun castle jump, or face painting!

The Agricultural Exhibition is a nice transition to celebrating Bermuda’s heritage for the entire month of May I look forward to partaking in the heritage activities this month and hope you do too.

We must be involved in what is being done in Bermuda so that we can really appreciate and be grateful.

Islam urges citizens to be active and even be proactive in any society we reside in; especially in a way that enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil.

The Quran sums up beautifully the true meaning of heritage as it speaks of human equality: “O mankind!

We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Truly, the most honoured of you in God’s sight is the greatest of you in piety. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware” (49:13). Ameen.