Kim Boreland
Kim Boreland

A Bermudian has started her own recruitment firm in a bid to get her fellow islanders back to work.

Kim Simone Boreland says she is so concerned about how the recession is affecting the community, she will help to prepare resumes, cover letters and people for interviews.

Her start-up, Boreland Administration Firm, will only take a fee if the applicant is successful in obtaining the position — either temporary or permanent.

The firm can help clerical, secretarial and administrative staff; switchboard operators; nursing assistants and caregivers; housekeepers; nannies; cleaners; bartenders; pot washers; masons and labourers; painters; carpenters; landscapers; and even college graduates.

Mrs Boreland, CEO and president, said: “Right now the employment situation on the island is very bad. There are a lot of companies cutting back and taking positions away.

“The number of calls I’ve had from people looking for a job are alarming.

“I get about 15 to 20 calls a day from people asking me if I can help them find a job, and help them to fill in an application form or go for an interview.

“This includes recent college graduates returning to the island.

“Bermudians are coming to me discouraged. I know how hard it is looking for a job and being turned down, and employers telling you you’re over-qualified or under-qualified, as I’ve been there myself.

“I know what rejection feels like and I want to give everyone out there — from all walks of life — the chance to work in Bermuda.

“A lot of Bermudians have given up, especially as you can’t walk in somewhere and ask for applications these days, a lot of it is online and some Bermudians don’t have the computer skills to do this.

“But my passion is trying to get Bermudians back to work.

“I can help to prepare resumes and help clients in applying for jobs. I help them with the paperwork and also, in interview skills.

“I try to do my best to find work for people. I call companies, knock on doors and have even stopped people in the street.

“Some companies don’t get back to me, or if they do they say they’re not hiring, or to call back at the end of the year, so a lot aren’t hiring at the moment. But I don’t give up.

“I am trying my best to put Bermudians back into suitable positions. At the moment I am doing all of this from a home-based office so I am looking for my own office space somewhere, if anyone can help.”

She said: “A lot of companies aren’t training but are looking for experienced people with years of experience.

“This is where a large number of my clients fall short because a lot of them don’t have that experience or a college degree.

“But when someone says, ‘I don’t have five years of experience… ’, to me it’s not those years of experience sometimes which count but initiative, and someone who is willing to learn. I tell my clients, ‘Don’t get discouraged about job adverts you see, or that you don’t have a college degree. Sometimes it’s not about the degrees and certifications, it’s about the know-how, how to deal with customers, and wanting to learn.”

She said among the occupations most in demand at the moment are construction, graphic design, administration and secretarial jobs, plus positions for financial officers.

Mrs Boreland said: “At the moment there is no charge for my services until the person becomes employed. Then I will take 10 per cent of their weekly wage if they are a temp, or if they are taken on in an permanent position their first pay cheque goes to my firm.”

The firm has a database to match clients’ skills and experience up with potential employers and their criteria.

Mrs Boreland will apply for positions on their behalf and also encourages her clients to undertake volunteer work in the community, with organizations and charities.

She can meet job hunters at home, the library or the Department of Labour and Training, but hopes to gain her own office premises in the near future.

Mrs Boreland is a former executive administrator who has worked for the Government of Bermuda, the mayoral office and city council of Paterson, New Jersey.

She said: “I’ve received numerous citations for outstanding community achievements and was also the director of the UEZ (Urban Enterprise Zone), which administered small grants to businesses throughout the community.

“In Bermuda I have also worked for (MP) Ashfield De Vent as an administrator and for various security companies. I was also a consultant for offshore businesses.”


Contact Boreland Administration Firm at 703-4934 or e-mail for more information.