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Greenrock is working with Age Concern to help seniors lower their energy bills
Photo by iStock Greenrock is working with Age Concern to help seniors lower their energy bills
A new project jointly provided by Age Concern and Greenrock has seen seniors saving money on their energy bills. Savings for Seniors has been beneficial for seniors as well as the environment, according to project manager and Greenrock volunteer Mike Kisala. “We know that in this economic environment that seniors are in need of saving money and as a charity Greenrock has been looking to reduce energy consumption overall,” said Mr Kisala. After an initial consultation with the seniors, in which Mr Kisala does an energy analysis on the home and shows them just how much energy is costing them, he then returns to fit energy-saving light bulbs and water-heater timers. Reduced Linda Furbert, who recently received the consultation from Greenrock, said she has seen her electricity bills reduce over the past two months. “The water heater timer seems to be making the biggest difference,” she said. “They have it timed so that it shuts off after three hours in the evenings. But I still find that even after an hour or two the water still is hot.” The initial consultation will determine when to adjust the timer, explained Mr Kisala. A Besco electrician then returns to the house to install the timer and show the seniors how it all works. “We also change their light bulbs for more energy-efficient CFL bulbs,” said Mr Kisala. “We have been working with Bermuda Engineering to use LED bulbs, as that is the ideal solution but the price can still be at a premium. Bermuda Engineering does have some of the best rates on the island at the moment, though, so we are working with them.” The aim of the programme is to save seniors roughly 20 to 30 per cent of their energy bill. “The biggest thing that we can focus on for them is heating and lighting,” said Mr Kisala. “Water heating typically accounts for about 15 to 30 per cent of the electricity bill and lighting about 10 to 15 per cent. For more information, email or call 238-7525.