Back on home turf: Bermuda Music Festival was Collie Buddz first big gig on his own island since last year.
Back on home turf: Bermuda Music Festival was Collie Buddz first big gig on his own island since last year.
The umbrellas and ponchos were out in full force on Friday night as people battled to watch Bermuda's homegrown talent that kicked off the night's entertainment at the Bermuda Music Festival.

All of the local concerts including Jam Signal (formerly The Home Grown Band) and the Island's latest big talent Secret Po-Po playing on the Onion stage, were completely washed out with the rain and only lured a small number of revelers from the dryness and comfort of the stadium seats at the back of the field and elsewhere undercover.

There were also performances from Rikkai and Mitchell, Raymond Clarke, Troy Anthony, Tiny T and Jules.

It wasn't until the eight-piece Brit reggae band UB40 took to the stage after 10pm did the weather ease off and the crowds really flock towards the stage.

Short set

Despite a long wait to see one of Bermuda's most successful talents Collie Buddz, his set only lasted just over 20 minutes reportedly due to the rain. But bringing his own youthful reggae sound to the evening the crowds went wild for songs such as Mamacita, Tomorrow's Another Day and Come Around.

After another long break in the festival UB40 came on to wrap the night up

Originating from Birmingham the multi-cultural band became one of the world's most popular reggae collectives, selling more than 70 million albums, picking up three number one singles and two number one albums since they formed in 1978.

As well as the famous Red, Red Wine, which people so often attach to UB40 as their main hit, the band pulled out a host of other big time classics including Johnny Your Too Bad, Can't Help Falling in Love With You, Rat in Mi Kitchen and Beautiful Woman.

UB40 is one of those bands you forget how much you loved. It was a real blast from the past to see them play and many in the crowd watched, sang and danced sentimentally to the set.

And there was no way they were getting away without an encore, for which they chose The Way You Do The Things You Do. Despite the majority of the concert being plagued with heavy rain Collie Buddz and UB40 made it a magical night to remember.