* Photo by B. Candace Ray. Looking for storage space? Bermuda Public Storage is steel-structured with concrete block siding.
* Photo by B. Candace Ray. Looking for storage space? Bermuda Public Storage is steel-structured with concrete block siding.
Self-storage? You've seen it in Florida, New York, or wherever in the U.S. your travels take you. But the self-storage market is a new concept for Bermuda.

According to Troy Burrows, director of the island's newest, 21 Elliott Street-sited, Bermuda Public Storage (BPS), his 50,000 sq. ft. building will dedicate approximately 35,000 sq. ft. to storage, almost doubling the 18,500 sq. ft. available elsewhere. And because BPS is located in town, it is readily accessible to City of Hamilton workers and those passing through to either end of the island.

The end of April is the expected completion date for the eight-floor public facility now under construction. The structure should be occupant-ready sometime in June.

"The building will also accommodate Bermuda Ocean Shipping (BOSS), making it ideal for individuals and businesses who import goods from overseas to store their products conveniently at BPS," Mr. Burrows said.

"... BOSS can handle your shipping, customs clearance and storage needs under one roof, saving time, money and the aggravation of trucking goods when you're not quite ready for them. Goods can leave your container and go directly to your storage room without you having to touch them."

Small or large

Storage rooms can be as small as 5ft by 5 ft, or as large as 10ft by 30ft. Costs range from $90 monthly to $1,125 for the last size quoted.

The BPS brochure says, however: "If you require a larger storage space then what has been presented, let us know so we can accommodate your needs."

Each floor offers 6,500 sq. ft. of space, according to Mr. Burrows, who added: "We can accommodate clients needing custom size units of say 1,000 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft."

Steel structure

The BPS building is steel-structured with concrete block siding.

"I decided to use this traditional type of construction because it is proven to last in Bermuda," the owner said. "The alternative cladding siding will eventually age and begin to look cheap and fragile. When taking on the responsibility of storing people's belongings, I want to have the best possible construction to ensure safety and longevity."

He noted the 24-hour electronic access, state-of-the-art security systems, 24-hour video surveillance and fire sprinkler systems.

"Our office will be open during normal business hours [9am till 5pm Monday through Saturday] with merchandise to cater to your self storage needs," Mr. Burrows said.

Additionally, forklifts, pallet jacks and dollies will facilitate the client's heavy lifting.

"We have over 40 per cent of the building already rented," Mr. Burrows advised. "Our clients include businesses storing inventory and individuals storing their belongings."

Of course, only non-hazardous materials will be permitted at Bermuda Public Storage.

Want to know more?

* For more information, call Mstira at 536-0222, Dion at 747-5399 or Troy at 333-5552.

* The BPS website is www.bermudapublicstorage.com.