Fruity floral: Bermuda Breeze. *Photo supplied

Fruity floral: Bermuda Breeze. *Photo supplied

Tourists can now take home the scent of the island thanks to a new fragrance launched by PDL Ltd.

Bermuda Breeze is sold in stores across the island.

Gail Tribley, manager at PDL Ltd., said: “We launched Bermuda Blue about four years ago and that was quite successful so we decided to launch another one called Bermuda Breeze. We think it will be very successful too.

“It’s a tourist market fragrance. It’s not expensive, the packaging is quite catchy and the fragrance is really nice as well. It’s a fruity floral — a very fresh, nice and light scent.”

Retailers who stock Bermuda Breeze — made in the U.S. exclusively for PDL —include Brown & Co, Gibbons Company, A.S. Cooper and Carole Holding.

It is hoped the Bermuda-themed box as well as the scent will boost sales.

Ms Tribley said: “I had a local designer design the packaging — Terry Madeiros at TM Design.

“The packaging is so pretty with a big wave crashing with our turquoise waters.

The fragrance costs $29.95 for 50ml and $39.95 for 100ml.

Ms Tribley said: “Typically these types of fragrances would start at $49.”