The article recommends using the bus or ferry as a cheap way to get around Bermuda.
The article recommends using the bus or ferry as a cheap way to get around Bermuda.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27:  Bermuda is being touted as a cheap vacation place in an article entitled Frugal Travel Destinations. lists the island as one of two dozen places people can go where they won’t have to plunk down a lot of money.

The column states: “After the New Year you might want to start thinking about planning a vacation ahead of time. There are a lot of really great places to travel to that are really cheap or inexpensive options.

“A good idea to fit a yearly vacation in your budget is to plan for it and save for it every year. Just putting aside $10 dollars every week throughout the year could equal enough to go on a vacation or at least contribute a large portion toward the amount you need to take a nice and inexpensive vacation.”

With regard to Bermuda specifically, the article states: “Bermuda is a beautiful and inexpensive island destination. You don’t have to worry about renting a car because the island is so small you can take the bus or a ferry wherever you want to go to save a lot of money. It only costs a couple of dollars to get a bus/ferry pass.

“The food and items in Bermuda are reasonably priced and there’s a lot to do, including snorkeling, sightseeing, visiting the famous pink sand beaches, walking around town, visiting the perfumery where they make perfume and much more.

“Taking a cruise to Bermuda from the East Coast is a great way to get there and see the island. Bermuda’s off season is November through March.”

Some of the other cheap vacation places listed include Belize, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.