Joy T. Barnum will perform at Good Friday’s KiteFest. *Photo supplied
Joy T. Barnum will perform at Good Friday’s KiteFest. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, APR. 4: Good Friday is synonymous with kite flying in Bermuda and on Friday, families all over the island will partake in the Easter weekend tradition.

This year, there is a new tradition in the making at the Bermuda Good Friday KiteFest will debut at Horseshoe Bay on Friday as the Chewstick Foundation has taken over the event.  The United Bermuda Party has run it for years and the change has also brought in a title sponsor, the Bermuda Department of Tourism.

KiteFest will be a cultural event, focused on bringing people together in the spirit of community and national pride.

Whole community

Gavin Smith, Chewstick founder said: “Good Friday and kite flying is one of Bermuda’s most cherished traditions and at the Chewstick Foundation, we are proud to be able to open the event up to the entire community and make it another awesome family function for this holiday.”

The free event will kick off at 10am with music and chances to win great prizes.

There will be a kite competition with categories including Best Boxy with Fennel Sticks, Longest Tail, Biggest Kite, Smallest Kite, Best Design, Best Traditional Kite, Best Innovative Kite Design, Highest Kite, Best Stunt Kite Pilot, Loudest Kite, and even the Ugliest Kite.

 The contest is wide-open and the major criteria is that they all have to fly.

Nikita Robinson from Hott 107.5 will host the event.

In addition to all the kite festivities, there will be traditional folk music, acoustic reggae, gospel and Bermuda Gombey’s.

Some of the artists scheduled to perform include gospel sensations Big Snipes and Missian, as well as performances by Amora Rose, Rivah, Joy T. Barnum, Djata and many more. The Chewstick Foundation also runs BeachFest, which is held on the first day of Cup Match.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or make a donation should visit, call 292-2439 or email