WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25: A.S. Cooper and Sons will be opening on Sundays and staying open longer during the week.

The company said it would be expanding their operating hours starting May 1.

Hours at the A.S. Cooper Hamilton stores will expand to 9:30am to 6pm along with their sister company Astwood Dickinson’s two jewellery stores.

Since January the shops have been operating from 10am until 5:30pm.

In addition, the company plans to open selected stores on Sundays starting on Sunday, April 29.

The A.S. Cooper’s main store, Harbourside Store, Men’s Store and Children’s Store all will be open from 1pm until 5pm each Sunday from the end of April through Christmas.

A.S. Cooper’s Front St. stores will be open each Wednesday until 9pm on Harbour Nights from April 25 through Sept 5.

Cooper’s managing director, Somers Cooper said: “I applaud our staff for sticking by the company during the slower winter months with reduced working hours and hope that customers will appreciate the option to shop a little earlier or later, 6 days a week and also on Sundays.

“The poor economy has forced many retailers including ourselves to make difficult decisions and to adjust operating strategies. Our focus is to keep our 90 plus staff employed while still providing top quality, name brand merchandise at US retail prices or better.

“We are excited that next month we will announce the arrival of a few new brands to Bermuda and the Cooper family of stores which local consumers will love.”