Collie Buddz *Photo supplied
Collie Buddz *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, JULY 11: Reggae fans are in for a treat on the eve of Cup Match as Collie Buddz is due to headline his first concert on the island with his band New Kingston.

Gosling’s and Buddz’s new radio station Vibe 103 joined forces to put on the show at Barr’s Bay Park on Wednesday, August 1.

Thomas Cussins of Affable Music, tour manager for Buddz, told the Bermuda Sun: “Adding the band to the live show has taken Collie’s performance to a whole different level, on a par with the greatest reggae shows of all time.

“Reggae music is meant to be heard with a band. The venues often have to beg them to get off the stage after curfew, when they have been playing for two hours or more.

“I still cannot believe that New Kingston has never headlined with Collie in Bermuda, and I can tell you that Bermuda is in for a real treat.”

Buddz brought New Kingston to Bermuda once before for the Bermuda Music Festival in 2008 to join him as the support band for UB40 but the show was cut down to 15 minutes by organizers at the last minute.

Andrew Holmes of Gosling’s, which sponsors Buddz’s overseas tours, said: “Colin had to rush through a few hits and that was all Bermuda got to see with the band so it was a real shame.

“This time he is going to be headlining with them and that’s a pretty big thing considering they have been touring all over the world over the past few years.


“He has been very focused with his brother starting up the Vibe 103 radio station which launched a couple of months back to wide acclaim. Everybody seems to be digging the vibe so I think it’s about time Bermuda got to see his show.”

The show starts at 8pm with an early set by Vibe 103 DJs Smokey, Chubb, Keem and Rusty. Showtime is at 10pm with New Kingston playing a warm up set before Buddz joins them on stage for a full 90-minute set. We can expect the Collie Buddz classics as well as some new songs never performed in Bermuda.

Holmes added: “I really want to reiterate how important this show is to Bermuda because here we have a young Bermudian who got where he got because he works extremely hard.

“He’s showing Bermuda in a very positive light overseas — this guy is one of our big ambassadors. It’s really important for Bermudians to come out and support him while he here — it is Cup Match Eve, it is a busy time of year, but it’s a great night for a reggae show.”