FRIDAY, AUGUST 31: Two weeks ago, White & Sons grocery store — a fixture in Warwick for more than 80 years — provided jobs for 38 people.

But the business was forced to close, which led to the closure of its Southside supermarket as well as Hayward’s in Warwick.

Eighty-five people lost their jobs.

That’s 85 people who took home pay cheques to their families — pay cheques that helped pay their bills, care for their children and plan their futures.

These job losses were not a one-off. They have been happening across Bermuda for more than three years now.

We estimate there are approximately 3,000 Bermudians out of work today and many more earning less than before.

We also know that businesses today are flooded with hundreds of job applications; applications from good men and women, good Bermudians, trying to get something going.

Bermuda, the situation is without precedent. We have got to change what is happening. The current Government is not doing enough. It shows no sense of urgency, no sense it feels people’s pain and no plan that says we are on the road to recovery. Instead, it is hoping and waiting for something good to happen.

We don’t have to wait. There is much we can do to change the situation.

For us, it starts with attitude – a can-do attitude – that we have enough tools in our grasp to get this economy working again.

It starts with belief in the skills and grit of Bermudians to get moving again.

And it starts with a total commitment to job creation.

Simply accepting what’s happening to the Island and hoping for the best is not the way to go. You need a government that’s going to fight for you, every day.

The One Bermuda Alliance will take decisive action to energize this economy. We will restore confidence in Bermuda as a place to do business. We will work with local and overseas investors to make things happen. We will set job targets and deadlines to meet those targets.

We are going to end this era of mass unemployment.

To those of you who are struggling, my message to you is:

Don’t give up. Don’t abandon your hopes and dreams. You are not alone. People are working hard to make things better. People are working hard to make this island work for you.

We can do it, but we will need your support.

An election will be called soon and I urge you to listen to what we say. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for you, your family and your country.

Until then, keep the faith in better days ahead. 

They will come.

• Craig Cannonier is Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance.