Yogu instructor Betsey Downing will show you how it's done next month. *Photo supplied.
Yogu instructor Betsey Downing will show you how it's done next month. *Photo supplied.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26: Yoga enthusiasts are invited to participate in a workshop next month with the 'grandmother' of Anusara yoga.

Local instructor Todd Crews will be hosting his fifth yoga workshop from October 12 to 14 at Newstead Belmont Hills, featuring world-renowned instructor Betsey Downing.

 “What is so special about this workshop is that it brings so many different yogis together no matter what style of yoga they practice here in Bermuda.  

“Betsey is also an internationally known teacher who spent several weeks teaching in Australia earlier this year and has been traveling through Canada as well as Mexico also.  

“Betsey is also known as the Grandmother of Anusara yoga as she has been involved with Anusara Yoga since 1994.

“Anusara was officially founded in 1997, she was involved in the developing years.”

Mr Crews continued: “She developed the progressive teaching intensive by teaching students to analyze poses systematically, developing logical lesson plans toward specific pinnacle poses, empowering the experienced students with progressive teaching and developing a theme and tying it into one's teaching.  

“So she will be bringing this skill set to her workshop here in Bermuda for teachers and students to experience.”

Asked why yoga lovers should attend the workshop, Mr Crews said: “All yogis should try to attend Betsey's workshop as she has a wealth and depth of knowledge in teaching asana so that people with a strong desire to enhance and deepen their practice will become much better yogis.  

“She has an ability to guide even the tightest individuals to open their bodies with a serene sweetness to bring harmonious alignment to their bodies.

“I asked Betsey to come to Bermuda simply because she is the wisest and sweetest yoga teacher I have studied with.  

“She has an unparallelled coolness about her that makes her teaching fun while serious at the same time.  

“All my friends that have studied with Betsey in the past always turn to her when they have a question about yoga and many times even life.  

“She is just the sort of person that everyone gets along with really well.”

The cost of the entire workshop is $280 and if you pay by October 2, the cost is $240.

Classes begin on Friday, October 12 until Sunday, October 14.

For more information, email jtoodcrews@mac.com or visit www.toddcrews.com or www.betsetdowning.com.