We'll help you to make Valentine's Day extraordinary with our top ten spots for romance. *Photo by www.moongateproductions.com
We'll help you to make Valentine's Day extraordinary with our top ten spots for romance. *Photo by www.moongateproductions.com

Bermuda is considered paradise to the many who come here yearly.

People flock to this beautiful island to get engaged, marry and even renew vows.

So, of course, it can be called a romantic destination.

With stunning sunsets, beautiful nature trails and hidden coves, there are many places to visit to get the romance going.

And most of them won’t even cost you a thing.

Here are ten romantic spots where you can spend Valentine’s Day with the one you love.

Waterlot Inn — If you want a luxurious, romantic and delicious meal, Waterlot is the place to go. It is very old-school Bermudian and you will be treated like royalty by the excellent staff. Waterlot also boasts the best steak on the island.

Tom Moore’s Jungle — Well, the official name is the Walsingham Nature Reserve and Tom Moore’s is just a part of it. But whatever you wish to call it, the trails can be very romantic with the right person. You can pack a romantic picnic and spend the day or evening in nature.

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse — Trekking up to the top of this iconic landmark can be extremely romantic with the amazing view. If you don’t want to climb to the top, come at night when it’s a full moon and star gaze.

John Smith’s Bay — This is location is great for watching the sunrise. If you can manage to get your sweetie up early, take him or her for a romantic breakfast picnic on the beach and watch the break of day. Remember to pack coffee!

Whale Bay — To watch the sunset. This location really can’t be beat. I’ve seen the sunset here myself, and boy it is gorgeous. Pack a blanket and a bottle of wine and enjoy the free entertainment.

A boat ride — Maybe you love the water and a nice boat ride is your idea of romance. Take a nice lunch or dinner and go out on the water for an hour or two. If you plan it right, you can watch the sunset from the sea.

Your kitchen — Maybe you are a great cook. Maybe you aren’t. But after all, it is the effort that counts. If you don’t feel like spending a ton of money on Valentine’s Day, why not cook your lover a meal. If you aren’t kitchen savvy, choose an easy recipe (pan seared chicken and mashed potatoes or an easy pasta dish), buy a bottle of wine, light a candle and call it a night.

Heydon Trust Chapel — It doesn’t get quainter than a teeny church in a beautiful garden. It also equals romance. The park has a bird sanctuary, fruit groves and flower gardens. You will also get to see beautiful views of Heydon’s Bay, which is a part of Ely’s Harbour.

Spittal Pond — If you and your sweetie enjoy long walks or hikes, head down to Spittal Pond and immerse yourselves in nature. You will get to see beautiful wild flowers, birds and of course the view of South Shore.

Achilles Bay — This is my favourite beach because it’s rarely crowded and is usually peaceful. The St George’s beach is small and secluded, perfect for star gazing at night or relaxing during the day.