OBA chairman Thad Hollis *File photo
OBA chairman Thad Hollis *File photo

Bermuda today needs the best possible leadership. The Island is racked by some of the most serious challenges in our modern history – with thousands out of work, thousands earning less than before, a massive and growing debt burden and continuing gang violence that threatens the fabric of our society.

Premier Cannonier and his Government have said the times call for the highest levels of cooperation amongst all sectors of the community if we are to see our way to better days. Pooling our talents, working together for the common good is the best way forward.

Opposition Leader Marc Bean's description of the One Bermuda Alliance as a "demonic" institution runs totally counter to this approach, and betrays a mindset that is deeply at odds with the decision Bermudians made in the December 17 election.

We are prepared to cut Mr. Bean some slack given the pressures he was under last week, but urge him as new Leader of the Opposition to remember that words matter. They can be used to move the country forward, or they can be used to move the country nowhere at all.

Let's respect the voice of the people and work together to achieve social and economic equity for all. Let's solve our collective challenges.

In the meantime, the One Bermuda Alliance would like to extend congratulations to the Progressive Labour Party on its 50th anniversary.  We agree that during those 50 years, the PLP played an important and positive role in creating the Bermuda of the 21st Century.