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Christopher Famous

Everyone is crying out for peace, yes

None is crying out for justice

Everyone is crying out for peace, yes

None is crying out for justice

— Peter Tosh


Remember this? “[We] plan to crack down on employers who abuse immigration rules. This is an area which can open up significant job opportunities. It is long past due.”

— Alexis Swan Nov. 20,2012

So why did the OBA come out with a policy that seems to be geared towards helping young non-Bermudians gain employment?

The Ministry of Home Affairs announced Feb 13, that it has released the final draft of the 2013 Work Permit Policies to the Work Permit Stakeholder Group for confirmation of amendments.

DEPENDENT CHILDREN OF NON-BERMUDIANS – new addition that allows children under 19 years of age to work during the summer without the requirement for a work permit.

The OBA was proposing this come into effect April 1, 2013. They will attempt to say it was the PLP who set the ball rolling. Well here is what the PLP actually proposed.

1) The dependent child must apply to the appropriate department for permission to seek employment;

2) The job must be advertised in the normal fashion;

3) The respective employer must apply for a work permit in the normal fashion;

4) The work permit may be granted only after the employer has shown that there are no qualified Bermudians for fill the position.

So now the question to be asked is why exactly was the OBA advocating so strongly for the employment of non-Bermudian youngsters ?

Let us be frank, if dad or mom is working in a company and two young persons apply for a summer job, who do you think will be getting that job?

Was it not the OBA who stated the best solution to crime is a job? So tell us, how will the unemployed Bermudian young folks, make out to secure funds for school,if all the summer jobs are going to children of non-Bermudians?

Work experience

How will young  Bermudians receive  the job work experience they will be required to produce upon completion of university?

Should Bermudian youths seek summer employment:
Cutting grass?
Packing groceries?
Washing cars?
Selling ‘weed’?

In case one may think this is a really bad joke. I can assure you it seems the OBA was dead set to have this come to fruition.

“It is anticipated that the revised Work Permit Policies will be become effective 1st April, 2013. In the interim the Department of Immigration will commence internal and external stakeholder training, revise the Work Permit Application Forms and documents and ensure that the Department and stakeholders are in a state of readiness on implementation day.”

— Minister Fahy

Does the OBA even have a grasp of understanding the undercurrent they are creating for themselves with these sorts of movements?

“Young Bermudians can’t afford another five years of rising unemployment’

— Alexis Swan Nov 20, 2012

Breaking News: A plan to give non-Bermudian resident teenagers the right to work will “not likely” go ahead this spring  — announced on Monday, February 18

Well, it seems Senator Fahy is beginning to understand “Power to the people.” And quite frankly, simply saying it “most likely” will not happen is not good enough. We the people of Bermuda demand it in writing.

At the forum held February 13 for work permits /term limits it seems the OBA realized they are out of their depth in trying to dictate to the people of Bermuda. A packed audience of nearly 700 people listened to Mr Fahy stumble in trying to explain why he decided to abolish  and not suspend term limits within two months of coming into office.

At one point he flippantly told a member of the audience: “It is not rocket science.”

Perhaps he forgets it was Mr David Tavares who stated he voted for OBA in hope of the suspension of term limits, not abolishment. At one point, members of the audience were asked who wishes to see term limits put back in place. Seventy five per cent of the audience raised their hands.

Senator Fahy and the OBA need to remember, he is not an elected official. He was appointed by the OBA higher-ups to serve the people of Bermuda. The people of Bermuda do not serve Sen Fahy nor the OBA. n

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