Thaao Dill
Thaao Dill

Have you ever wondered what a bond is? Or have you thought about a sociologist’s view on how to solve gang problems in Bermuda?

If you have, how would you go about finding this information without doing a ton of research?

The good news is a wealth of information is just a click away thanks to a partnership between the Bermuda College and the Bermuda Sun.

Valuable information will be presented in video form on featuring lecturers from the college speaking on their particular area of

Thaao Dill, recruitment officer for Bermuda College, explained how the partnership came to be.

“Basically, I reached out to Tony McWilliam and Glenn Jones to see whether or not we could partner with what I’m hoping will be an informative and effective service, but also one that is inventive too in that it’s multimedia.

Issues of the day

“Lecturers here at the Bermuda College will share their expertise and thoughts in their areas of expertise about the issues of the day.

“We will supply a traditional op-ed and explain what people may not have considered about the

Mr Dill continued: “Then we’ll supplement that with a video interview. Each aspect feeds into the other.

“It makes it more likely that folks will get access to the information.

“We are just making the expertise and information from our lecturers as accessible as possible.”

Mr Dill said there was a large wealth of knowledge at the college and it ought to be shared with the public. In our Liberal Arts Department, 40 of lectures percent have been educated to the doctorate level. There’s a lot that we have to share with the community.

“I’m really grateful to the Bermuda Sun for making this possible”

Mr Dill continued: “The other key to making this as useful as possible is to put our lecturers’ expertise with the real life issues that we all deal with. For sociology we could discuss the global trends affecting youth violence, the risks that contribute to that and running the information through the Bermudian filter. 

“Or, say, economics — explaining what a bond is. We all have heard of bonds but I’m willing to bet that most people don’t actually know what they are.”

The videos will come out every two weeks on with the first launching next Friday.