Children helped colour eggs ahead of next Friday's Kitefest sponsored by Chewstick which will feature an Easter egg hunt. *Photo by Don Burgess
Children helped colour eggs ahead of next Friday's Kitefest sponsored by Chewstick which will feature an Easter egg hunt. *Photo by Don Burgess

Dozens of children got into the Easter spirit by colouring eggs and making kites.

The Chewstick Foundation held a one-day kickoff event on the upper level of the Washington Mall. Master kite builder James Butterfield displayed his skills as children looked on. Several his kites adorned the walls and hung from the ceiling as he cut sticks and then used coloured tissue paper as he showed the youngsters how to make a Bermuda kite.

Other children had their faces painted and coloured Easter eggs.

A spokesperson for Chewstick said: “The Easter season has many uniquely Bermudian traditions and the Washington Mall event will focus on passing those traditions on to the next generation in a way that is fun and collaborative.”

The Bermuda Good Friday KiteFest, will take place on March and the eggs painted today will be used in an Easter egg hunt at Horseshoe Beach.

Chewstick is sponsoring the traditional kitefest at Horseshoe for the second year.

Gavin Djata Smith, The Chewstick Foundation’s executive director will host the event.

The Bermuda Good Friday KiteFest is completely free, with music and activities starting at 10am and plenty of ways to get involved and win fantastic prizes.

 KiteFest will feature the island’s largest Kite Competition, categories include; Best Boxy (Fennel Sticks), Biggest Kite, Smallest Kite, Best Design, Best Traditional Kite, Best Innovative Kite Design, Loudest Kite, and even the Ugliest Kite! The contest is wide-open, just come through with your kite and enter right there on the sand. It is free to enter the competition for the chance to win prizes courtesy of KiteFest title sponsor KeyTech alongside the Ministries of Environment & Planning, Tourism & Transport and Public Safety.  

This year there will also be a competition for the Best Bermuda Fishcake; to enter just bring four fishcakes to the beach to be sampled by KiteFest’s esteemed judges including well known Fishcake empresario Dale Butler.

The Chewstick Foundation is hoping to make this event a fundraiser to assist them in continuing their work in the community, so while KiteFest is free, there will be volunteers on hand if you wish to learn more about Chewstick or make a donation to the charity.

In addition, they are encouraging anyone who is interested in helping to make the day fun and safe for all, to contact them before the event.

Each and every person is encouraged to attend The Bermuda Good Friday KiteFest and to celebrate one of Bermuda’s longest standing and iconic family traditions, on the most beautiful beach in Bermuda. If you would like to find out more information visit their website, call them at 292-2439 or email