The workforce in Bermuda shrunk by nearly 2000 jobs in a year, according to the latest Department of Statistics figures.

There were 35,443 filled positions in 2012 compared to 37,399 the year before – a drop of 1966.

It was the third year in succession the number of jobs has contracted, with 2009 showing more than 39.500 posts in the workplace.

The average number of hours worked a week also rose slightly, to 36.1 hours in 2012 compared to 35.8 hours in 2011.

The figures also show that men have worked longer hours over the past four years, clocking up around five hours more a week than women.

The median average annual salary for all workers also rose slightly between last year and 2011 – up $631 to $59,985.

But women continue to extend a pay lead over men, earning $60,579, compared to $59,465 for a man – a $1114 difference.

Women earned $59,667 a year in 2011 - $586 more than the median average annual pay for men of $59,081.

A total of 25,132 of 2012’s filled positions were occupied by Bermudians, compared to 26,187 the year before – 1055 jobs down.

The median age of Bermudian job holders was 47 in both years and individuals worked an average 34.6 hours a week.

Again, the men worked nearly three hours longer a week than women, while Bermudian men earned $56,438 a year compared to women’s $57,801 – a $1363 a year difference.

Non-Bermudians filled 7501 posts in 2012, 873 jobs down on the previous year’s total of 8374. They held 9932 jobs in 2009.

They were also younger than their Bermudian counterparts, with a median age of 40 in 2012 compared to 39 the year before.

They also worked longer hours than Bermudians, clocking up an average working week of 40.8 hours – a difference of 6.2 hours.

Like Bermudian workers, non-Bermudian men worked longer hours than female workers, logging an average working week of 42.9 hours, 5.8 hours a week more than women.

They also, however, earned more than Bermudian workers, commanding a median annual salary of 78,881.

Men also narrowed the pay gap between them and women, earning $78,843 a year compared to women, who earned $78,916 – a $73 a year difference.

In 2011, the median annual salary for all non-Bermudians was $74,766, with men earning $73,578, while women got $75,907, a difference of $2329.