Corvin Melody has released his debut album Cinematrix on Soul Record. *Cover art supplied
Corvin Melody has released his debut album Cinematrix on Soul Record. *Cover art supplied

Bermudian artists Gwen Blakeney and Corvin Melody have written and recorded two albums now available in stores and online.  

The albums, released on Bermuda Soul record label include a collection of original songs featuring some of the island’s top talent including Wendell ‘Shine’ Hayward, Steve Easton Shondell Easton, Graham Maule, Rickeesha Binns, Palmer Wade and Larrita Adderley.

Blakeney’s eight-year-old son Jahré is also featured.

Her album is titled Sentimental Moods. 

The original compositions reflect on various topics that aim to be both inspiring and emotionally searching with smooth soulful overtones, which accentuate Blakeney’s soothing vocals. 

She said: “After singing for so many years, I am very pleased to finally taken time to write and record songs that have special meaning to me, which I hope everyone will enjoy listening to as much as I enjoyed recording.”

A second album by
Corvin Melody features a collection of original urban reggae, R&B and ballads written and performed by the artist. 


A record label spokesperson said: “Melody is well known for his very versatile vocal ability, which is complimented by a musical style unlike any other and he demonstrates exactly why he could share the microphone with any popular artist anywhere in the world. 

“Corvin is a phenomenal self-contained artist, who is now aspiring to share his talent and musical gift with the world.” 

The original material contained on his debut CD aims to encapsulate storylines that symbolize a motion picture or movie, hence the album title

Blakeney said: “The production quality of both CDs is superb, having been recorded and mixed in Bermuda at Bayview Pro Recording Studios by
Orville ‘Wyz’ Malcolm. Both CD projects also have their own emotional flavor and seductive groove, which is sure to stimulate the musical tastes of even the most discerning music lover.”

Melody added: “I’m very grateful to Bermuda Soul for allowing me the opportunity to record my first album, which I hope will bring joy to all those that have always encouraged me over the years to continue singing and pursuing my aspirations in music.”

Bermuda Soul was founded by Gwen’s husband Glenn, to produce,
promote and establish Bermudian talent as successful professional recording artists. The independent record label is committed to giving the unique
talent on its roster, the worldwide exposure that local recording artists truly deserve.

Both albums are now available at Music Box and online at and iTunes.