Shaun Morris and Alasdair Younie. *Photos supplied
Shaun Morris and Alasdair Younie. *Photos supplied

Shaun Morris and Alasdair Younie were elected to join Ascendent’s board of directors to replace J. Michael Collier and Stanley Oliver.

Ascendent is the parent company of BELCO and Bermuda Gas. 

The new directors were approved at Ascendant’s AGM on Friday may 31.

Reginald Minors, chairman of the board, Mr. Minors said in a press release: “Ascendant Group has benefitted in myriad ways over the years from the experience and knowledge that these two men have brought to the table. We have enjoyed working with them, and we are extremely grateful for their service, wise counsel and dedication to furthering the company’s progress.”

Mr. Morris is general counsel and group chief legal officer at The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited.  

Mr. Younie is a director of ICM Limited, a Bermuda-based fund management company. He is a chartered accountant with experience in corporate finance and investment.

 Walter M. Higgins, Ascendant Group President & CEO, said, “Over the past 12 months, we have undertaken a thorough assessment of the skills that will be required for the Board to govern Ascendant Group successfully in a changing marketplace.  

“We are, therefore, pleased to welcome Mr. Morris and Mr. Younie, each of whom brings needed expertise to the Board.”  

He added: “Earlier this year, we also welcomed to the Board Michael L. Schrum, who is chief financial officer at HSBC Bank Bermuda.  

“We are confident that the three new directors will help to guide Ascendant Group successfully through challenging new waters.”