Protestors gathered at the hospital yesterday amid fears about the closure of the Continuing Care Unit.

The march, which began on Point Finger Road, was in response to anxiety about the future of the seniors’ unit as well as its patients and staff.

Health Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin tried to allay concerns earlier this week, saying that any move to close the CCU would not be made immediately.

Ms Gordon-Pamplin said: “If the CCU closes, it will not be in the next few days, the next few weeks or even the next few months.  Any closure will be done over the course of at least two years.

“It is important to note that before the CCU does close, the capacity of the private sector to accept CCU residents must first be assessed. 

“As a result, any transition of both residents and staff will take quite a bit of time.

“I understand that the staff at the Hospital, especially those who provide service at the CCU, are concerned that they will be out of work.

“In this regard, I think it’s important to acknowledge and remind everyone that the BHB management has already included the Unions in discussions about the financial position of the BHB.”

But her words were not enough for prevent more than 20 people, a mix of staff and islanders,  gathering by the hospital holding a banner saying: ‘SOS Save Our Seniors’.

Last night a Bermuda Hospital Board spokesperson said: “The majority of BHB staff did remain onsite and ensured that the service to our patients and residents was uninterrupted. We understand individuals may have concerns, and there are forums in which these can be raised.”