The struggling economy is still the main issue for many Bermudians using social media. Sometimes it hurts so badly, you just have to make light of it. 

Bobbi S, aka @Sportschickca tweeted this week “Work? I wish. Trying to nail down a job in Bermuda is like trying to find a tree frog in a bush at night.” 

Lisa Baumgartner and her Funkins napkins got a a boost this week. She was able to tweet about Melissa Joan Hart’s son Tucker and his first first birthday. 

On People magazine’s Moms&Babies Celebrity Baby Blog, her Funkins brand gets a mention as all the children at the party received a goodie bag filled with Funkins products. Hart even tweeted about the gifts showing off the fab Funkins’ designs. n 

The fun-loving bunch @BERMEMES decided to help out a follower to try to find out the correct Bermudian phonetic spelling of Admiralty House. Answers included Amatee, Ahmaltee. Our favourite response was from @_philxbanks who said “… a real Spanish Point boy gon say amatee.” 

Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

 Hamilton’s Deputy Mayor Donal Smith is taking heat for his comments about gay people on a Seventh-Day Adventist TV show last week. 

Mr Mayor mostly dodged questions put to him by ZBM’s Gary Moreno, saying he was off at a conference in Colombia. 

That prompted one Facebook user to question: “Does anyone have any idea what ‘international conference’ our esteemed Deputy Mayor is at in Colombia, and why it was a good use of city tax dollars for him to go?” 

The Facebook suggestion of the week should go to Red and Bermuda Bistro at the Beach owner Ric Olson who is off to Oktoberfest. 

Ric said Bermuda can get in the action by having our own Swizzlefest. I’ll drink to that!