With headlines around the world increasingly dominated by the suicides of teenagers from cyberbullying, many parents may have misgivings about the Internet.

The World Wide Web may have opened our eyes to more opportunities to communicate and learn, but it can also bring fear and trauma.

In this year’s Bermuda Sun Back to School supplement we focus on technology — the pros and the cons — and feature texting and online tips to keep your child safe from harm.

With advances in technology of course, comes more innovative ways to educate your child.

Inside, you can read about how some local schools are using iPads, tablets and SMART Boards to make learning more interactive and fun.


We also focus on healthy meals for the forthcoming term and how to save money on school supplies.

Did you know you can buy lightly-used uniform items for as little as $2 each? The Barn and Committee of 25’s Bargain Box have racks of uniforms in stock, while the Hands of Love Ministry and Coalition for the Protection of Children help families in need through donations of clothing, food and school supplies.

Inside, you can also read about homeschooling and why one family chose to educate their four children at home.

Is your child interested in outdoor activities? Find out how he/she can learn how to sail, at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.

There are also health tips and advice for parents on the warning signs of substance abuse.

In this edition of Back to School we also focus on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) students and the effects of bullying.

Carla John, a Bermudian diversity liaison coordinator living in Ontario, Canada, explains why every child has a right to feel safe going to school, and what can be done about it.

As the first day of school looms upon us, you can also read advice on how to calm those nerves and settle your child into the classroom.

We also feature a light-hearted, fun article on how to celebrate — not dread — the forthcoming school year.

We wish you and your children every success for 2013-14. n