*Being a bit of a nerd, I love doing trivia. My wife and I usually make  a point to play it when we go cruising, with the aim of winning the progressive trivia at the end of the week.

There’s a new trivia app that’s gone to the top of the charts because it appeals to a wide variety of people’s interests.

QuizUp: The Biggest Trivia Game in the World is now a one hit wonder. Those who grew up in the 1980s playing Trivial Pursuit may find a connection as it broadens its base from just six categories to 17 main ones and hundreds of subcategories in each genre.

Love the arts? There’s a category for you. 

Are you a sports nut? Then play ball.

Is music your thing? Then your heart will sing.

What’s even better is you can go into the subcategories. 

Naturally, I went into sports and then into baseball. But even from there, you could have narrowed it down further and chosen to do Red Sox or Yankees as a genre. Alas, there wasn’t a Dodgers category.

For those choosing TV, there is a host of shows you could tune into to show off your knowledge. Family Guy, Star Trek, Sex and The City all are listed as subcategories with numerous more.

Once you pick a category you want to test your knowledge, the game then pairs you against another competitor. It will give you a series of questions, each with four answers. You get points for getting the answer correct and by how fast you tap in.

The final question is worth more points giving the player who is behind a chance to have a comeback.

As you answer questions from game to game, your rank will move up (and you can have it posted to Facebook to brag). 

There are also badges. For example, I played two games of baseball trivia and won a badge that said ‘Don Burgess is the best in Baseball in Bermuda.’

Not that my ego needs stroking, but the game plays a bit on all our vanity.

None of the games take too long (about 60 seconds) so you don’t have to worry about a huge time commitment. 

It’s a free download at both the Google Play and iTunes Store. 

* Grammatical errors were corrected in this article.