We listened: Protestors helped prevent closure of Lamb-Foggo UCC. *File photo
We listened: Protestors helped prevent closure of Lamb-Foggo UCC. *File photo

A reinvigoration in thought, culture and vision is beginning to emerge in Bermuda.  

It started with PLP Leader Marc Bean promoting the concept of Bermudians “doing for self,” by creating our own businesses, jobs and opportunities.  

It continued with our Shadow Finance Minister, David Burt, laying out solutions for job creation, diversifying our economy and ensuring Bermudians come first in our own country. 

It progressed through town hall meetings on issues that matter to Bermudians; taking what we have learned and speaking out for those who may feel voiceless. 

It continued with the Party acknowledging in our Budget and Throne Speech replies challenging decisions made over our 14 years of government, pledging to evolve and grow so that the same mistakes will never be repeated.

When Bermudians were slurred as “lazy,” “xenophobic,” and “Kool Aid Drinkers,” we stood up for you. 

When the Lamb-Foggo Urgent Care Centre was in danger of being shutdown, government voices stood mute, the PLP and others stood up for you.

When you weren’t being told the whole story on Term Limits, Jet-gate and the referendum, we stood up for you and exposed the truth.

When there were no plans on the table to create jobs for Bermudians and turn our economy around, we didn’t just criticize. We stood up for you, offering solutions and plans, to those who have the power to make them a reality.

In all this, the PLP stood for you, but never, ever stood alone.

Every day Bermudians are signing up as PLP Members, contacting our MPs, Senators and Executive asking how they can help. Together, we are pushing the vision of a Bermuda that works for everyone. 

Beyond the political arena, Bermudians now realize that Bermuda works best when Bermudians come first. No matter which party holds political power, you the people, are the ones with the true power whenever you choose to use it. 

Over the past year, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of grass roots activism and a growing demand for real accountability from our elected representatives.

Yet with all the progress we are making socially, culturally and politically, it means little to the families who are bearing the brunt of this recession and suffering economically.  

For them, we have pushed for measures to create good and fair wage earning jobs for Bermudians and for the freeing up of restrictions that hinder entrepreneurship among our people.  

Your support in words, prayers and deeds have strengthened us and renewed our conviction that Bermudians must never be excluded or left behind in our own country.

We wish that we had the power to make these new ideas and new solutions a reality today. However with the minority position in Parliament, we can only pledge to keep pushing and keep fighting for you, until someone acts.

We will continue to seek your input and guidance on the issues that matter to you.

We will continue to fight for you and be your voice.

We will continue to put forward solutions to get our country on its feet again.

We will continue to work towards a Bermuda that puts you at the centre, and not on the sidelines.

We do this because, we are you.

If you are interested in learning more about the PLP’s solutions, new leadership and new vision for Bermuda, please contact us at info@plp.bm.  We look forward to speaking with you, answering your questions and gaining your feedback. 

Tinee Furbert is Deputy Chairperson of the Progressive Labour Party