Eron Hill *Photo by Danny McDonald
Eron Hill *Photo by Danny McDonald

Three members of the Cannabis Reform Collaborative (CRC) have resigned.

Kamal Worrell, a criminal defense lawyer, Krystl Assan, a literacy educator and communications manager and Eron Hill, a legal understudy, have all left the group that has been charged with making recommendations to the government about the possible reform of the country’s cannabis laws.

Mr Worrell and Ms Assan, according to CRC member Stratton Hatfield, have resigned citing personal commitments that make them unable to continue to serve the collaborative.

Mr Hill, however, has resigned saying the CRC has an ulterior agenda and biases that will taint whatever recommendations it produces. He says the group is not interested in a “genuine consultation” with the public about the possibility of the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.

“I have come to the conclusion that this committee has an ulterior agenda to ultimately take a certain position on cannabis and we are seeking relevant information to support that position,” he said today at a press conference. “We have not engaged in a generic fact-finding mission to consider all aspects and research in an unbiased matter.”

When pressed, however, Mr Hill declined to expound on what biases or agendas were at play in the group.

The CRC was set up at the end of last year by National Security Minister Michael Dunkley.

Stratton Hatfield, a CRC lead group member, told the Bermuda Sun he was disappointed Mr Hill had not attended the last two meetings, where the group spoke about the need to be unbiased.

“I don’t know what he’s referring to with ulterior motives, I’d like him to clarify what he means,” Mr Hatfield told us.

The collaborative, which began meeting last month, is considering reclassification, decriminalization, medical use of marijuana and full-blown legalization of the drug.

The group hopes to produce findings for the government’s consideration before this summer’s legislative session.

“We’re still committed to our initial responsibilities, which is to consult with the pubic and provide a paper for the government to consider,” Mr Hatfield said.