A study into sexual abuse in Bermuda has started.

Saving Children And Revealing Secrets (SCARS) sent out an e-mail yesterday to participants of its seminars.

It said: “To achieve our mission in reducing the risk of child sexual abuse in Bermuda, we are in the process of collecting statistical data to determine the following:

1) How many people in Bermuda have been a victim of the crime of Child Sexual Abuse

2) How many victims are male and how many are female

3) The age of the victim when the abuse started

4) Was the abuser a male or a female

5) What was the victim’s relationship to the abuser

6) Was it reported.

SCARS said the responses are completely anonymous so it has no way of knowing who the response is from in the survey.

The survey was launched on a day when a man was charged with having sex with two girls under 14.