Experts were predicting that the Sochi Olympics would be the ‘Mobile Games’, but just not in this manner.

Loads of photos have appeared on Twitter documenting the myriad of things not right as the Olympics began.

So much so, the account @Sochiproblems now has 342,000 followers.

And the official Olympic account?

@Sochi2014 only has 232,000 followers. Clearly it has lost this battle. 

Journalists began documenting problems via their Twitter accounts. 

From murky water to unfinished rooms to the endless stream of weird restrooms, they all created unwanted buzz for the Olympics.

BBC journalist Steve Rosenberg was the first to put up a double toilet photo when he tweeted “Seeing double in the Gentleman’s Loo at the Olympic Biathlon Centre.”

Maybe because they were embarrassed, Sochi Olympic officials converted the bathroom into a storage centre and took out the toilets and replaced them with three night stands. The only problem was, they forgot to  take out the toilet paper dispenser.

That image was captured by Reuters’ photographer Alexander Demianchuk.

There are plenty of fake photos going around too as others wanted to pile on the organizers. 

One that isn’t true shows several toilets with no walls between them. That photo is from Kazan University.