*Photo by Don Burgess
*Photo by Don Burgess
*Photos by Don Burgess/supplied

A retaining wall on Palmetto Road collapsed on Friday morning following heavy rainfall overnight.

It has left one homeowner having to deal with a wall of debris against his house.

The wall gave way, taking utility poles and a traffic sign, with debris sliding down against a house.

Originally 30 BELCO customers lost power, but as of noon, only six are still without electricity.

Police, Works & Engineering, BELCO and BTC were on site this morning to assess the damage.

The retaining wall collapsed closer to Bishop Spencer Road. The section of the wall that fell was not the main portion that had previously been blocked off for more than a year now.
The Bermuda Police Service said in a release: “The motoring public is advised that due to downed utility poles and wires in the Palmetto Road‎ Devonshire area, traffic diversions are in place.

“In addition, travel is not recommended along Dutton Avenue, Pembroke at this time.

“Motorists are asked to avoid these areas if possible until the situation can be rectified.‎”

W&E are also working to clear up the mudslide that came across the Perimeter Lane.

They were also assisting the homeowner clear some of the debris from the back portion of the house.

BELCO also released the following information:

"In the aftermath of the storm in the early hours of this morning, 12 customers are without power in the Palmetto Road area. Crews are onsite, working to restore power in a job that is expected to take the full day.  

Also, at approximately 10:45 PM last night, storm conditions caused approximately 30 customers in the Parsons Road area to lose power; restoration took about four hours with power restored at 2:32 AM.

BELCO thanks customers for their patience during these weather-related events."

BECLO provided this update around midday:


"At noon, power has been restored to six customers, with some wires having been cut away and isolated from downed poles and a transformer re-energised.

Six customers remain without power, as work continues to re-route power to them."

4PM UPDATE: BELCO - "The new poles on Bishop Spenser Road have been installed. Power has been restored to the last six customers."

"2 houses are without power on Perimeter Lane – one was damaged as a result of the storm, so power cannot be restored at this time; the other was unoccupied before the storm.

"End result is that all customers in that area to whom power can be restored now have their power back on."