Christopher Famous
Christopher Famous

“Such a waste of time. He chose money over power”

Francis Underwood, House of Cards [UK edition], Season 1

I had thought I had seen and heard it all in politics. 

Then along came  February 14, 2014. The following is small collection of quotes from our paid politicians representing us in the House of Assembly.

MP Michael Dunkley: “He (the Speaker) starts late every time, every f****ing time. 

“Hey… Starling, Kim Swan and Cindy Swan were talking to ZBM on camera for about 10 mins and I thought to myself what a f***ing waste of time.”

This from the Deputy Premier of Bermuda?

MP Shawn Crockwell: “Bring it on. Say it outside these chambers… I don’t care where he’s from... I don’t care if he is from White Hill.”  

Interesting, this sounds a lot like gang turf talk.

MP Mark Pettingill [talking about Marc Bean]: “Gone on TV with his Tourettes… it is a disorder… it’s kind of being nice... it’s a good word, Tourettes … someone is crazy… prepared to say whatever, whenever, however.”

So now the Attorney General is insulting people with mental challenges? He has not learned much since his ‘Kool-Aid Drinkers’ tirade last year.

MP Sylvan Richards: “I suggest that learned member go to the pharmacy and get that stuff that cleans out your ear wax... thank God for Hansard.”

From Hansard July 26, 2013: “I can talk that black, black, blackity-black stuff all day too, you know.” 

Premier Craig Cannonier: “If they take a look at the Hansards and take a look at the statement we made concerning our reversal on our position on the referendum is concerned, the Opposition Leader’s name was never called... it only stated what he said in this Honourable House concerning flip-flopping of the decision of the Opposition on gaming and referendum.” 

Yes, let us look at the Hansard: 

Dec 13, Mark Pettingill: “So when I sat in my Honourable Premier’s office and that phone got clicked on … and I heard the Honourable Opposition Leader saying, ‘If you don’t change the wording of the referendum question, then our people are going to vote against it’ the Opposition Leader said, are going to get the people — their people — to vote against it.” 

MP Jeff Sousa: “I want to state here now that I travelled to Trinidad on behalf of the Auditor General Dept and my ticket… was paid for by that department and not by the taxpayers.”  

Dear Jeff Sousa, the Auditor General is funded by you the taxpayers. So yes, your trip to Trinidad was funded by taxpayers’ money.

Dr Grant Gibbons: “As for the so-called report… Cabinet was completely unaware of that particular report…It was never discussed.”

So once again, another secret report — or is MP Gibbons distancing himself?

Premier Cannonier: “I have heard what that tape says and …. we would have put the tape out there already!  It is not illegal.”

The Bermuda Telecommunications Act 1987 and Electronic Communications Act 2011 states that not only is it a criminal offence to record someone without consent,but it is also illegal to possess the recording.

So —  OBA MPs are now on record:

Using profanity to disrespect the  Speaker of the House, and Bermudian citizens

• Gang-like threats

• No knowledge of how government works

• Contradicting each other over the Gaming Referendum

• Admitting to an illegal recording by one of their MPs

In America, there was once a gangland Valentine’s Day Massacre. Anyone listening to the audio of the events on Feb 14 will more likely think they heard a Valentine’s Day Suicide.