Ayo Johnson *File photo
Ayo Johnson *File photo

OBA Chairman Thad Hollis said his internal investigation was launched as a result of Ayo Johnson’s reporting.

That means if not for Ayo’s credible and thorough reporting, these very serious allegations would have been left un-investigated.

For me, this proves unequivocally that Politica’s ‘Selling Bermuda’ article is neither a ‘side show’ nor a ‘distraction’ as some have called it.

High journalistic standards matter and when they are upheld — as I tried to do in the case of ‘Selling Bermuda’ — the public has a shot at getting the answers it deserves.

 I hope the OBA’s internal investigation is as credible and thorough as the reporting that inspired it. 

Glenn Jones was Guest Editor of ‘Selling Bermuda’ for Politica and is General Manager of MediaHouse, parent company of the Bermuda Sun

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