On December 18, 2012 I wrote that Craig Cannonier would not last as Premier of Bermuda.
On December 18, 2012 I wrote that Craig Cannonier would not last as Premier of Bermuda.

On December 18, 2012 I wrote that Craig Cannonier would not last as Premier of Bermuda. 

I never foresaw that he would be taken out by his own contentious actions.

I would go so far as to say most Bermudians of all colours or political persuasions never foresaw the full consequences of JetGate .

Many had high hopes of this dashingly handsome and tall son of the soil, leading Bermuda in a direction that brought forth unity, transparency and collaboration.

He actually had the ingredients to do so. The attention and economic backing of the upper class, combined with the hopes and aspirations of many working class Bermudians.

It would seem to some that indeed a new day had dawned in Bermuda and a working guy from St David’s would lead us to social and economic utopia.

I won’t dwell too much on the details of JetGate as most have been laid to bare already. What I will speak on is the culture of political silence that allowed Mr Cannonier to continue to implicate himself, month after month, with one misstep after another.

Corporate culture

This culture, despite the fact that many had so much hope in the OBA, allowed the OBA to begin to reveal itself as a party controlled by power-hungry local and international individuals.

Whatever grassroots momentum it could and should have gained over the last 18 months, never gained traction.

It is this culture of ‘foreigners first, OBA insiders second and then Bermudians as recipients of what ever trickles down’ that now permeates the political air we breathe.

Mr Cannonier is not only a victim of his own mistakes but moreso a victim of those who enabled him and turned a blind eye to his actions because they too were benefiting from his actions.

With his resignation as Premier, the OBA and the people of Bermuda must do much more than make surface re-arrangements. They must re-commit themselves to their first slogan, ‘Putting Bermudians First’.

If they continue to empower non-Bermudians over Bermudians, they are positioning themselves for a world of hurt.

Mr Cannonier needed to go but there are a number of other ministers who need to get to cracking as well. The ball is in their court at this point and the country cannot afford any more own goals.

Michael Dunkley is the interim Premier and as anti-UBP as I am, I can see that he might command enough public support and respect to reform the OBA from the inside out.

Cannonier is gone. But will the cannibalistic corporate culture remain?