Twitter this past week started rolling out a ‘Mute’ button for users.

The Mute allows you to keep following a person but helps get rid of annoying or spammy tweets from an account. 

If you unfollow someone or block them, you will no longer receive any tweets in which you get @replies or mentions.

It allows you to remove them from your Twitter feed. They will not know you have them on Mute. 

Another reason a person may put someone on Mute, is purely selfish. Many people give a person a reciprocal Follow, but they really don’t care what that person has to say. By Muting them, it simply allows them to build Followers without actually having to listen to them. 

Quite often, when a person gets Unfollowed, and has an app that tells them who did that, they unfollow them back too.

It can also be used to temporarily Mute a person’s tweets. 

Let’s say you’re a Man United fan and your friend was tweeting about Arsenal during the FA Cup final, you could have put them on Mute during the event rather than enduring the pain of listening to them gloat.