OBA Chairman Thad Hollis *File photo
OBA Chairman Thad Hollis *File photo

An internal inquiry into a $300,000 donation allegedly sent to the OBA by US businessman Nathan Landow, will continue.

Premier Michael Dunkley said findings could be made public “within days” and deferred to OBA chairman Thad Hollis. But Mr Hollis is saying nothing about the probe.

Mr Landow told the Sun that he, along with associates, sent roughly $300,000 to the Bermuda Political Action Club to boost the OBA’s 2012 election campaign.

Mr Hollis had stated earlier that the OBA had no record of donations from Mr Landow.

It is unclear where the $300,000 ended up.

We wanted to ask Mr Hollis questions about the scope of the inquiry, who had been spoken to, what the investigation has involved so far and when exactly the findings will be made public.

We received no response. 

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