*Photo by Glenn Tucker
*Photo by Glenn Tucker

The OBA has put the resignations and revelations of the last week behind them, and now wants to ‘get down to work’.

This from new Premier Michael Dunkley as he sets about restoring confidence within the wounded administration. Mr Dunkley has pledged to speak to all OBA members in a bid to unify the party and move past the damaging JetGate saga.

He told the Sun that colleagues had ‘come to terms’ with the sudden resignation of Craig Cannonier on Monday.

Asked if the OBA was in crisis he said: “Not at all.”

He added: “One of the first things I did was try and bring my colleagues in and have some time with them to get a sense of where we want to go moving forward.

It won’t be easy

“I’m about a quarter of the way through that process. I am not going to commit to not making changes. Life is about change and I will do what is required. Now is about inspiring confidence in the people of Bermuda and working together to improve our country.

“It’s not going to be easy, but there will be progress.”

Mr Dunkley was sworn in as Premier on Tuesday morning — the day after Mr Cannonier stepped down amid a storm of allegations surrounding his dealings with US businessman Nathan Landow.

And within 36 hours of taking on the role, he was dealing with the fallout of the resignation of Attorney General Mark Pettingill.

Mr Dunkley said: “People in the party have come to terms with the resignation of Craig Cannonier. The party members are very resolute in the responsibility that they have. They are looking forward to the challenge and are ready to get down to work.” n