Long career: Trevor Moniz at his swearing in ceremony yesterday. *Photo by Glenn Tucker
Long career: Trevor Moniz at his swearing in ceremony yesterday. *Photo by Glenn Tucker

After a day that saw Attorney General Mark Pettingill resign and replaced with  Trevor Moniz, here’s some info on the new man.

The lowdown on Mr Moniz

• Went to school at Saltus

• His great-uncle Enoch Moniz was the first Portuguese-Bermudian to attend Saltus in the 1910s

• Studied law at King’s College, London, on a Bermuda Government scholarship

• Has four children: Thomas, Gabrielle, Sophie and Alice

• Called to the Bermuda bar in 1977 at 22

• First elected to the House of Assembly in 1993

• He moved the amendment in 1994 that decriminalized homosexual behaviour. 

• Was one of the five UBP MPs that ensured Sir John Swan could not open a McDonald’s restaurant in Bermuda in 1997 

• Earned the nickname ‘Rebel MP’ for being willing to speak out against the UBP party line

• Drafted and moved the Charities Amendment Act, which opened the accounts of registered charities to public inspection

• Since the OBA won the election in December 2012, he has been Minister of Public Works, and Minister of Health and Environment, before becoming AG.

In his own words...

“Craig’s attitude is cocky. He doesn’t appear to be interested in having any talks with us.”

A then-UBP Trevor Moniz on a then-BDA Craig Cannonier’s attitude about having merger talks between the two parties, in the Royal Gazette on January 5, 2011.

“I have deeply held ethical and moral convictions, but the gradual move to politics began at age 40. I have always been fascinated with what makes people and societies ‘tick’: how society works and how to make it work justly. I firmly believe in the importance of how individuals behave, and the choices individuals make, in order to make societal institutions work in a fairer fashion. My concern in Law and Politics is one and the same: to achieve fair and just outcomes.”

Moniz’s King’s College, London, Alumni Online interview.