Painter Betsy Mulderig aims to portray the Bermuda cottage in two different ways. *Photo supplied
Painter Betsy Mulderig aims to portray the Bermuda cottage in two different ways. *Photo supplied

TUESDAY, FEB. 21: An art exhibit featuring four artists is taking place this week at Masterworks.

The show, Four + Four = One is by Betsy Mulderig, Llewellyn Emery, Alice Coutet and Nick Minugh.

The premise is four artists, four perspectives and one exhibit.

It began last Friday and will continue through February 29.

Minugh creates digital art, hand-rendered with elements of photography, textures and line drawing.

He said: “I started painting on canvas as far back as I can remember.  

“After finishing school 15 years ago, I became a graphic designer.  

“I use traditional skills of painting and incorporate them to the digital world.  

“Blending graphic design technology and elements of photography with my hand rendered images, I aim to capture Bermuda’s architecture, textures, colours and scenery.  

“These elements are arranged in such a way to create my Bermuda faces, each piece having its own personality.”

Emery is a sculptor.

He said: “For this show, I decided to link all of my pieces under a common theme, imagine, because each piece is in some way a consequence of that process.

“As an author, I’m often fascinated by various words and expressions and the visual images they create.

“Combining my love of wood and of words, along with a slightly warped sense of humour, allows me to explore that and to reveal certain nuances otherwise hidden.

“I hope you enjoy this exhibit and that it inspires you to imagine.”

Mulderig, a painter, said: “For this show, I specifically set out to design two completely different ways of looking at one thing, the Bermuda cottage.

“Ah yes, I am a painter of little pink and peach Bermuda cottages.

“They are beautiful, they are fantastical and I have never seen anything quite like them anywhere else.”

“Plus, they are in danger of going extinct since it has become popular to build enormous houses. 

“I started with the two big paintings, "Pink and Peach Cottage" and "Peach and Pink Cottage".

“I wanted to present two clear, simple images.

“I chose to use a loose, impressionistic style to create a feeling of light.

“The canvases are large, inviting one to walk up the lanes and into the paintings, to walk into the image and bask in the sunlight.”

Finally Coutet focuses on all things Bermuda.

Her artist statement said: “Coutet’s work often exaggerates Nature’s colours- magnifying their exquisiteness and commanding attention.

“With a spectacular array of works including traditional Bermuda Cottages, precisely painted portraits and vibrantly coloured abstracts, Coutet’s art truly reflects her belief that ‘you can never run out of things to paint in Bermuda’.”

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