Let's dance: Marcus Smith, a former Bermuda Glee participant. *Photo Alex Masters
Let's dance: Marcus Smith, a former Bermuda Glee participant. *Photo Alex Masters

Troika Bermuda has taken over the management and administration of the hugely popular musical theatre intensive Bermuda Glee.

The performing arts organization took over the role from The Argo Foundation which established the local version of Glee in 2010.

“As the success of Bermuda Glee has grown, so have the demands of managing the intensive,” said Argo Foundation President Wendy Davis Johnson. 

“As a result, after the 2012 intensive, we approached TROIKA co-founders Seldon Woolridge and Shoa Bean about how The Argo Foundation might work with TROIKA to take Bermuda Glee to the next level of experience for the students who participate in the programme.

“We’re delighted that Mr Woolridge and Ms Bean have very graciously agreed to assume the responsibilities of running the Bermuda Glee programme. This is great news, as TROIKA’s reputation for professionalism, discipline and respect for one another is not only well-deserved, it is in complete alignment with the tenets of Bermuda Glee. 

“Mr Woolridge and Ms Bean are also avid supporters of the public/private school hallmark of Bermuda Glee.”

The Argo Foundation has allocated funds for the 2013 programme to ensure its continuity and will encourage its funding partners to also help in this regard.

Bermuda Glee provides teachers and students from public and private schools an opportunity for creative collaboration and partnership.

 “We are excited to have the opportunity to develop the Bermuda Glee programme,” said Mr Woolridge.

“The intensive is a good complement to the other opportunities that TROIKA provides for young people who are interested in the performing arts. We support Bermuda Glee’s focus on breaking down barriers in Bermuda and we look forward to working with the teachers who have made it such a successful initiative.”

Auditions for this year’s intensive will be held on Friday, April 19 at The Berkeley Institute. Bermuda Glee begins at Berkeley on Saturday, June 29 with a pre-programme workshop. The full intensive runs from Monday, July 1 until Sunday, July 7 when students will perform in two productions.

More information about TROIKA can be found at www.troikabda.com. Parents and students interested in finding out more about this year’s Bermuda Glee programme should contact TROIKA via email at info@troikabda.com.