’Cooked to perfection’ is how Eliza Olander described her burger at Griffin’s Bistro.
’Cooked to perfection’ is how Eliza Olander described her burger at Griffin’s Bistro.

Looking for somewhere to take the kids for a bite? Who’s going to give you a more honest, bite-sized review than a 10-year-old? Eliza Olander, from St David’s, is a student at St George’s Prep. 

Griffin’s Bistro, The St George’s Club.

First impressions: It looks very fancy. Looks can be deceiving. What caught my eye was that the tables are covered in paper. They already have a tablecloth underneath that is soft and beautiful.

Drink: Shirley Temple [$4]. It’s good.

Main course: Burger [$15] with bacon [$1] & sauteed onion [$1].  

Cooked to perfection. The bacon is quite thin, I would like it a little thicker.

The bun is getting flatter and flatter as the juice soaks in. I like my bread a little bit more chubby at the end.  

The fries are regular. Nothing special.

Portion size: Quite big. The burger was big. You’re not expecting them to give  a small amount but sometimes a small amount is fine.

Service: Normal. The waiter sounds like he has a French accent.

Dessert: White and chocolate mousse, [$9].

The chocolate was a bit overpowering — a little too sweet. The white chocolate tastes like whipped cream — it’s great. Just perfect. 

Overall impressions: It’s a a very nice place but some little details don’t look so good. We were sitting next to a fish tank and it looked quite dirty to me. 

The fish food was left right there — you don’t really want to see that while you’re eating.

It’s a mix of old and modern. Really, you should stick to one theme, old or not old.