*File photo by Tony McWilliam
*File photo by Tony McWilliam

Chairman of cricket  Michael Corday is ready to rewrite the history books as Somerset head down to St George’s to defend their Cup Match title.

St George’s is historically a difficult venue for Somerset, who haven’t won there since 1981.

Corday acknowledged the difficult test awaiting them on August 1 but is ready to move on from the past and see his team make a little history of their own.

He told the Bermuda Sun: “There’s a reason why Somerset haven’t done well in St George’s, and its because St George’s are a very good team.

“However, I’m not looking at the past right now, I’m looking forward. All that history is not a concern for me anymore, and as we move forward we hope to change some things. We have to take the same approach that we took last year. 

“We have to take a winning approach. 

“I don’t think we need to change too much, and I think that the mental approach of our players right now seems good, so I think we’re in pretty good shape.”

Somerset will hold their final training match tomorrow and 24 of their best players will take advantage of this last opportunity to impress the coaches before the game next week.

Last year a young Somerset saw off their arch-rivals by 10 wickets to claim the
Cup for the first time in 10 years. Corday said that the team will once again look to their young talent as they bid to retain the Cup.

“I don’t think we have much of a choice but to go with our young players, as we have such a good group of young talent.

“No matter who we select, most of them will be young players anyway. I am extremely pleased with our squad.”

This year’s team, Corday says, will be stacked from top to bottom with ability: “It’s really hard to key in on any player because we have good cricketers from one to 11. It really is difficult to single out a player. 

“I’m sure St George’s would have the very same ‘problem’, we just both have a lot of good players.”

One player to watch for Somerset is veteran Janeiro Tucker, who is just 87 runs away from setting the all-time Cup Match record for runs scored in his Cup Match career, which started back in 1996.

At 38, he provides real presence in a team loaded with youngsters, and Corday is thrilled to have him on board.

“Janeiro Tucker is invaluable to the team. Everybody knows that. He’s known as Mr Cup Match, and he just delivers. 

“Even in training so far, Janeiro has looked the part.”

The training match will begin at 10am on Saturday morning. 

Former Cup Match captain and long-time Somerset stalwart Joe Bailey will be honoured during the lunch interval of the match. Somerset training match teams: 

Team A (President’s Select): Jekon Edness (captain), Terryn Fray, Tre Manders, Stephen Outerbridge, Janeiro Tucker, Kamau Leverock, Greg Maybury, Jacobi Robinson, Justin Corday, Justin Donawa, Chris Douglas, and Koshun Durrant (reserve). 

Team B (Vice-President’s Select): Malachi Jones (captain) Derek Brangman, Shaquille Jones, Deunte Darrell, Kevin Hurdle, Jordan Desilva, Joshua Gilbert, Kwasi James, Kamel Easton, Brian Hall, Alex Dore, and Christian Gibbons (reserve).