Angela Palmer’s anatomically accurate representation of Monty the turtle. *Photo supplied
Angela Palmer’s anatomically accurate representation of Monty the turtle. *Photo supplied
This is the work of respected British artist Angela Palmer which is helping to raise awareness of sea turtle conservation in Bermuda.

The striking piece is an anatomically accurate image of Monty — a juvenile green turtle who was rescued last year. He was found in the water with a lung infection and rescued by the staff at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Palmer donated the piece to the Fairmont Southampton Resort at the request of BAMZ principal curator Ian Walker who had seen some her conservation-focused pieces online.

Her work involves taking details from CT or MRI scans, drawing them onto multiple glass sheets and presenting them on a slatted base to create a three-dimensional image.

You can then see the inner architecture of her subjects whether it be the human or animal form. It is hoped that the installation, located in the lobby of the hotel, will have a “subliminal effect” on people who see it, and drum up an interest in the Bermuda Sea Turtle Project which runs out of BAMZ.

 Speaking with the Bermuda Sun, Palmer said: “Monty was scanned by Ian who found he had a lung disorder. Without Ian’s help, Monty would have been unable to dive for food and would have died. Ian forwarded me the CT scans of Monty and I recreated him. The sculpture was then shipped to Bermuda and it is currently on exhibition at the Fairmount.

“I think Ian and his team are doing a terrific job in conserving sea turtles and as an artist I thought I might be able to help in a small way by drawing attention to the importance of their work.

Subliminal effect
“I think the subliminal effect is just as important: people may see Monty and it will spark something a week or even months later — they may be stimulated to ask questions and to research turtle conservation for themselves.”

The Turtle Hill Golf Club at Fairmont Southampton, is also helping to raise money for a sea turtle course that runs out of BAMZ each August. Shoppers are encouraged to donate towards BAMZ’s Bermuda Turtle Project with every purchase/round of golf. The two-week course attracts between eight and 12 participants and brings visiting professors to the island to share critical information about the future of turtle conservation.

Dr Walker told us: “All of Bermuda’s sea turtles come from the Caribbean or South America. “In order to preserve them here we need a regional conservation — it is important to have the eyes dotted and tees crossed in the different countries where we get our sea turtles from.

“This is cross pollination of ideas and improving it — we learn a lot from the people coming up to us it is an important communication tool I would say.” The course costs $60k to run and BAMZ would appreciate any donations towards that goal.

To help you can visit the Golf Shop at Fairmont Southampton or donate directly to BAMZ quoting the turtle project either by calling 293-2727 or donating online via