Kimiko and Cleon Scotland are authors twice over now with the publication of their America is Me!

The book has already sold 100 copies without any real marketing push by the authors.

Their first book, Bermuda Is Me! was released in November of last year, and has since sold more than 800 copies. In that tale, children - with the help of their parents and some glue - could stick photos of their faces on a child in scenes like kite-flying on Good Friday, Gombey dancing, as a police officer in the birdcage on Front Street, as a runner during the Marathon Derby, as a cricketer during Cup Match and building a sandcastle at the beach.

This time, the child is off for adventure in America. The book places the child in front of the U.S. Flag, Statue of Liberty, and the White House and there are also themes as the child celebrates the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

Cleon Scotland said: "Bermuda is Me! was so well received that we thought that we could expand the concept of children's books where individual faces can be pasted on each page. We decided on America because of the many landmarks and our better knowledge of the U.S. over other countries."

The couple sat down and came up with six "uniquely American" ideas. They took these ideas to Laura Bell, former Arts Editor of the Bermuda Sun and now associate editor of The Bermudian, who illustrated them. The book is now sold at and On Amazon, there are four reviews about it. Two of them comment that the child in the book is too "white".

Mr. Scotland responded to these comments: "Laura tried to find a happy medium for the skin colour. Some will feel it looks "too white", others will feel it looks "too black" but most will find it okay. Both books feature similar skin colours. We take a positive view - we're just glad that someone felt strongly about the book to comment!"

Cleon Scotland said: "We have not yet started our marketing, but we will be doing it in time for the Christmas season. That said, we have sold more copies than we thought we would without promoting it, simply by people going onto Amazon in search of children's picture books." For more on the books, go to or