Andrew Davidson on his paddle-board. *Photo supplied
Andrew Davidson on his paddle-board. *Photo supplied

A team of paddle-boarders will be taking to the water for their own version of the End-to-End this weekend.

It’s the third successive year that Glenn Mello will be competing in the event to raise money for charity.

And he’ll be joined by Andrew Davidson and around 10 other paddle boarders on the route.

Mr Mello said: “The route will depend very much on what the wind is like on Saturday morning.

“In 2011 when I did it on my own, I did Mangrove Bay to Tobacco Bay in about five and three-quarter hours.

“Then last year 10 of us did it and we went from Mangrove, did a quick pit-stop at Shelly Bay and then went on down by Grotto Bay up to the Black Horse Tavern.

“We had the wind at our backs for most of that so it took just four hours.

“With paddle boarding so much depends on the wind. 

“Even a 12-knot wind in your face can feel like a mountain.”

This year’s team of paddle boarders will make a decision about their End-to-End route either tonight or tomorrow morning.

If the wind blows in their favour on Saturday they’ll be hoping for a smooth passage between Mangrove Bay and St David’s.

Mr Mello added: “It’s going to be a lot of fun and we are raising money for some great causes.

“With the sport of paddle boarding growing all the time in Bermuda, I think this will gather more momentum in the years to come.” n