In good hands: Imani Chapman and Greg Ozarowski are ready to help de-stress your body. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead
In good hands: Imani Chapman and Greg Ozarowski are ready to help de-stress your body. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead

Want to de-stress? Need your posture straightening out? Maybe you suffer from neck and back pain or are trying to get over a sports injury?

Well, a new massage clinic has opened on Bermudiana Road in Hamilton that promises to locate all of these problems — and get to work on relieving your body of pain.

Greg Ozarowski, who used to work at The Reefs resort, runs the BALA Sports & Remedial Massage Clinic, which is registered with the Bermuda Massage Therapy Association and is insurance covered.

Ozarowski, 40, from Poland, has 15 years’ experience as a masseuse and takes referrals from doctors on the island. He also offers a wide range of services courtesy of himself and his clinic’s other staff members, Imani Chapman and Megan Rumbelow, his partner.

Having also worked and trained in the UK — at the London School of Sports Massage — where he treated celebrities such as BBC presenters, singers and fashion designers, Ozarowski now feels perfectly placed to branch out.

Located in the International Centre, his clinic conducts individual body assessments and advises on posture and relevant exercises, while he can also focus on injury prevention and muscle fatigue.

He told the Bermuda Sun: “I am very passionate about what I do and enjoy helping people. I also enjoy training the girls I have at the clinic and making them good.


“I want my clinic to be busy and, from a health perspective, I want people to be happy when they go through the door after treatment. I want them to feel rejuvenated and have the knowledge and information so they know what to improve.”

Bala means strength and that, he says, is at the heart of the clinic’s ethos.

“We believe we are strong, we have strength to help other people and get them stronger. When I feel strong, I can do more things (and) enjoy my life. If you don’t have pain, you are more effective, you feel great, you have time to spend with the family and you don’t have to go to the doctor to have pills or injections.”

He added: ”I like to encourage people to be preventative, so if you don’t suffer now, you should still get massages to help your weaker points and improve your body.”

After building up his reputation with clients at The Reefs, Ozarowksi now wants to get the word out about his new venture.

One regular session, which starts in March, is a stretching class where clients can learn and practise with him and work out what stretches work for their body, their lifestyle or the type of sport they play.

For Ozarowksi, he believes his specificity to people’s needs is what sets him apart.

He said: “For example, if you have a neck pain, I am very specific. I can feel where it is, find it and release the pain. That’s what my clients like the most. The clients come with pain and they go without. All my treatments are tailored.”