ZJ Elektra *Photos supplied
ZJ Elektra *Photos supplied

FRIDAY, JUNE 10: What does girl power mean to you?

That question has lingered on social networking sites and has been asked of dozens of Bermudians.

But don’t worry if you don’t have an answer.

The answer will be revealed on Saturday, June 18 at Girl Power Bermuda at Barr’s Bay Park.

The event is a party concept predominantly seen in the Caribbean, Miami and Toronto.

It features an all female line-up, an ode to girl power, and Power Girl will host the event.

Organizers for the event are planning a high-energy party where girl power will reign.

DJ Revs of the Toronto Revelers will represent soca, ZJ Electra will play dancehall, soca artist Tizzy will perform, Bermuda’s own Miss Malz will also perform and Bermudian DJ Black Swan will play hip-hop and reggae.

Michael Pearman of GP Productions said: “Girl Power basically highlights female entertainment.


“Over the years it’s grown tremendously and one of the things that we want to be authentic about is going back to the origins of it and make it all female.

“We were very adamant about having an all female line-up.

“We understand that some of the names aren’t household names but they’re very good entertainers.”

He said his team is promoting the concept more than the entertainers.

“The whole thing from beginning to end, all you’re going to see is females.”

Asked why people should come to event, the organizer said: “The energy.

“It’s going to be filled with energy from start to finish.

“It’s pure party vibes. It’s not a concert vibe.

“And while it’s being geared towards girls, boys should come out to play as well.”

Mr Pearman also spoke about the message of the event.

“There’s a serious message that’s kind of coming out of it.

“Even in some of the interviews, we have heard some very good thoughtful responses as to what people think girl power is about.

“We want to run with that.

“We’re going to take the opportunity to make people think more closely about how we value women.

“And for women themselves to take a look at hoe they value themselves leading up to the event.”

Organizers are expecting 1,500 people to come to the event.

As for the major difference between Girl Power Bermuda and the other parties around the world, the organizers said: “Although we wanted to be in line with the branding overseas, we want it to have the Bermuda feel.

“Girl Power events overseas are predominantly, if not exclusively soca.

“We wanted to add other genres to give it more of a Bermudian flavour.

“Also, our intention is for this to be an annual event, something that can stand on its own and be a draw for tourists to come to the island for the event.”

Mr Pearman said with there being no annual events in Bermuda over National Heroes weekend, the hope is to make Girl Power Bermuda synonymous with the holiday.

There will be a VIP reception from 9pm to 10pm and then the party will begin.

Giveaways will take place before 11pm so partygoers are encouraged to come out early.

“After that, we’re going full throttle, non-stop party whether you love soca, reggae, hip-hop, there will be something for you”, he added.

Part proceeds will go to the Women’s Resource Centre.

For more information, visit the Girl Power Bermuda event on Facebook.

There are chances to win tickets, videos and more.