Happy hallowe’en: Nightmare on Queen Street will include buskers, fire turners, spooky decor and face painting. This year’s event is free. *Photo supplied
Happy hallowe’en: Nightmare on Queen Street will include buskers, fire turners, spooky decor and face painting. This year’s event is free. *Photo supplied

If you thought Nightmare on Elm Street was scary you’d better watch out for Nightmare on Queen Street this Hallowe’en.

Something of a spooky, haunted wonderland is in the making at Lemon Tree and Queen Elizabeth Park, that promises to be “unlike anything seen on island for the past couple of years”.

Many of us have been mourning the loss of the island’s major Hallowe’en event Fright Night since it was laid to rest in 2011, but Belcario Thomas and co-organizer Sionna Barton are offering another “high-quality” Hallowe’en event.

Organizers hope that the event will grow over in the years to come.

Barton told the Bermuda Sun: “Currently there is a need for a good Hallowe’en event on the island, and we think this is it. 

“We want people to enter the Nightmare and prepare to be scared and amazed. There will be some great surprises and fun entertainment. 

Local buskers

“We have fire turners, different street performers and local buskers scheduled. 

“The Bermuda Heart Foundation will encourage people to try their luck at going for gold in the mystery pumpkin grab, and face painters will be around to help people complete their costumes.”

Hosted by the ‘infamous’ Town Crier the line up features Lemon Tree’s resident DJ Unkle, the free-up flowing vibes of the Crown & Anchor band, and The Big Chill, unleashing a new house party mix later in the evening. 

Also involved in the organizing of the event is Karriem Sharrieff who will be involved in the social media marketing, and
Joanna Stapff who is event planner. 

Revellers are encouraged to go all out this year with their costumes and the Nightmare promises to be a “judgement free zone”.

Free spirits

Thomas said: “I’m super excited for everyone to be able to enjoy this free wonderland-Halloween experience with open-minded, free spirits converging on this gorgeous venue (yes, on-island, you don’t have to leave this year). 

“The local talent around this is high-quality, the buzz is building and the atmosphere envisioned, unlike anything, anywhere seen around here for the past couple years at least. 

“To be safe, I think everyone should be getting their creative juices and full costumes ready, starting about now.”

Barton added: “Costumes are a must! 

“We welcome all open minded, free-thinking people to come in full costume. Whatever you can imagine and create, this event is the time to show it off. A great part of the atmosphere of the Nightmare will be the amazing spectacle. We want the Nightmare to be an event for anyone who wants to go a little crazy costume wise can come and have a blast with like minded people.”

There will be a Peroni Bar, a BBQ and happy hour prices all night.  

Nightmare on Queen Street will also raise money for the Bermuda Heart Foundation. 

Barton added: “We are going to have a spooky crazy atmosphere assisted by Class Act Designs, where wild, fun things can happen. We’ll attract a wide spectrum of residents, including a good few on-island visitors, which will help make this unique night special. Also, the Nightmare will be raising money for The Bermuda heart Foundation.”