Sweet treat: Eliza Olander, a self-proclaimed expert on international desserts, enjoys her vanilla gelato.
Sweet treat: Eliza Olander, a self-proclaimed expert on international desserts, enjoys her vanilla gelato.

Looking for somewhere to take the kids for a bite? Who’s going to give you a more honest, bite-sized review than a 10-year-old? Eliza Olander, from St David’s, is a student at St George’s Prep. 

Location: Angelo’s Bistro, Walker Arcade, Hamilton.


First impressions: First you think it’s Italian and then you think it’s Spanish, too. It’s a small place but it’s very pretty. 

I like the pictures on the walls.

Drink: Fruit punch [$3.75]. It tastes very sweet — no, not very sweet, medium. I like it.

Bread: I’m always quite picky with bread in restaurants. I don’t like store-bought bread and if a restaurant ever did that I would be very disappointed and I’d recommend that they start making their bread. People come to restaurants to get stuff that you can’t get in the grocery store. They should do it their unique way.  

I like that this bread comes with a little black olive dip because I love olives. 

You come to a restaurant for things that taste different to what you can make at home. This is really nice bread.

Main course: Fish and chips [$10 from kids’ menu]. 

This dish is really good. The fish is nice and soft but has a little kick to it. The tartar sauce is nice and creamy — I really do like it and that’s what’s giving the kick to the fish. The fish is fantastic.

The fries taste delicious but they’re just a little bit too skinny.

Portion size: I liked that they only put two pieces of fish on the plate. Because when you have fish you want to enjoy it so it’s nice that they made the fries skinny. Now I get the point why they are skinny. 

Service: The waiters are very kind.

Dessert: [Courtesy of Angelo Buglione]

At the end the gentleman [Mr Buglione] asked if I would like chocolate or vanilla ice cream — that was a big surprise! I would like to change the service to ‘fantastic’! It’s the first restaurant that’s done that.

I think it’s gelato. It’s sweet but not too sweet. Gelato is sweeter than normal ice cream. If you compare it, uncle, you would agree. 

That’s why it’s served in smaller portions — not something you could have too much of. I recognize the flavour. I know my sweets. It’s much better than your normal ice cream. It’s perfect.