Treat at La Trat: Eliza Olander tucks in
Treat at La Trat: Eliza Olander tucks in

Looking for somewhere to take the kids for a bite? Who’s going to give you a more honest, bite-sized review than a 10-year-old? Eliza Olander, from St David’s, is a student at St George’s Prep. 

By Eliza Olander (With a little help from Uncle Tony)

Location: La Trattoria, Washington Lane

First impressions: It is always noisy but you get used to it when you start eating because you come here for the food.

Drink: Shirley Temple [$2]. Very sweet, just how I like it but it needs more cherries — there was only one. 

Main course: *Spaghetti with meatballs [$10.50].
The sauce has a nice tomato flavour. I can tell that they have used a lot of herbs and it is delicious. I can taste the herbs when I take a bite into the meatballs. They are fantastic.

I just can’t stop eating these meatballs — they are so good. But I really shouldn’t eat any more because I have dessert coming.

Random observation: I dropped my fork. They need to have smaller forks that are specially made for kids. They should be the right size for kids.

Dessert: Catherine’s Brownies [$4]. It’s a winner. It’s nice and warm and fluffy — so soft you can just put your fork through it and pick it up. The best brownie I’ve ever had.

Service: The waitress who served us was nice. The waiter doesn’t have much of a smile. He needs a smile.

Overall experience: It was great. I would recommend this place for children. It might look fancy but it’s a very friendly place for kids. This is one of my favourite places. 

* Uncle’s note: Eliza was mistakenly served the regular spaghetti dish rather than the kids version. Manager Nicky Russo graciously acknowledged the waiter’s error and provided Eliza with a take out portion from the kids menu, which she ate the next day. Verdict? “Yummy!”