Alamandas with chimney. *Photo by Gillian Outerbridge
Alamandas with chimney. *Photo by Gillian Outerbridge

Bermuda in bloom is a sight to behold and one photographer has dedicated an entire exhibition to it.

Gillian Outerbridge’s Morning Walks, St George’s opens at Homer’s Café at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art today. 

The show includes “an enchanting selection of prints for sale” taken, as the title suggests, in the old town.

Outerbridge told the Bermuda Sun: “Most of the photos have been taken while on early morning walks around town with my dog Dixie. 

“It’s very easy in Bermuda to focus on the big picture but once I started ‘zooming’ in visually I realised there were lovely little vignettes to be found on every street corner.

“The ones I have selected feature the contrast between vegetation and habitation — alamanda on a chimney, lilies by an old wall, roses and Bermuda stone. A few ‘rogue’ pics have slipped in including a lovely group of wild chicks and a sunset.”

Outerbridge plans to add in some seasonal shots in December including a photo of the Town Hall lit up and St Peter’s Church at night. There will be 40 prints on sale, all 8”x12”, ready to hang costing around $60. 

Outerbridge has been taking photos since  she was a child both as a hobby as well as working in the press for many years. Her photograph of St Peter’s Church clock face won the 2009 Open Call visual arts contest. 

The exhibition opens tonight at Homer’s Cafe and runs until December 24. Opening hours are from 10am to 4pm (11am to 4:30pm on Sundays).